Below you will find answers to questions we get frequently.

You can also always contact us for more information: or +358407270466

How do you determine shipping costs?

Each order is very different and calculating costs for shipping items beforehand tends to be difficult. We will always try to use the most affordable shipping method. For small orders (under 30€) we add a 3 € invoicing cost.

That’s some nice felting! Who are you people!?

We are Felt Faction, the felt “roller coaster” founded by Aki Leppänen and Elina Saari. Read more about Felt Faction and Elina.

What do you mean with “cat brush”?

Cat brush brings the fibers from needle felt to the surface and gives us nice fluffy part which we can attach better.

Why shouldn’t I use bambu curtain for rolling?

Of course you can, but rubber mat is more efficient for that. Rubber mat won’t leave small sticks to your hands and it is very durable in use.

Why is your needle felting pad/ needling base better than piece of foam rubber or other needle felting pads?

Our needle felting pad that is made from cellular plastic is more durable than foam rubber pieces and does not leave pieces of pad to your design. Needle punching with this pad is considerably faster than with any other.

Most of Elinas 3-dimensional effects on hats are first needle punched in before wet felting.

What do you mean I have to bring wooden wedge for hat workshop?

Wooden wedge (what you use for holding door open) is great for finishing straight edges (for example to your forehead) on your hat. If you look at hats that Elina has made, you can see that the edges are nice and clean. That is the result of using wooden wedge.

Why is there no instructions for making a felted hat?

There are no one exact way of making hats like Elina does, so it is impossible to make instructions that are clear enough. Elina uses her own felting “language” that works only if you see what she means. If you wish to make hat like Elina does, you´re welcome to join her workshops and create your own unique felt hat! Some instructions you can find from our Youtube channel.

I´ve noticed that different colors of Jääkarhu also felt differently, why is this?

This is true. The colors that are not industrially dyed eg. mottled greys, Smoked Tofu and Off-White are easier to felt since they did not undergo the industrial dyeing process. However Elina´s unique hand dyed Jääkarhu pieces are very easy to felt. The way Elina dyes is very gentle process for the needle felts. Students trained by Elina have no problems at all using whatever color of Jääkarhu nor do the experienced felt makers.
Also notice that mottled colors leave the surface of the design a bit hairier.jaakarhu punaviini viikattuna

Is there a shop in Finland we could visit to buy Elina´s designs or materials?

Unfortunately not. Right from the beginning of our business we have wanted to do everything in our house. We work very long hours and Elina has got her precious Sauna/ studio and a wool dyeing cottage right here and she keeps on going. The minute we would open up a shop would most likely destroy her possibility to work at any time the “inspiration strikes”. We´d be fools to limit her playing time with wool!
Meanwhile we do shows/ exhibitions every once in a while and try our best to make our web-sites as informative & inspirational as we can!

Elina Saaren käsinvärjätyt ohukaiset ja jääkarhut hyllyillä esillä.