Felt Matters Magazine 2019

Photos by Tomi Kallio, Model Meri Salo, Makeup & hair by Oona Jakku

Felt Matters magazine wanted to publish Elina´s unique headwear in their September 2019 issue. The magazine wanted something current and since Elina was just playing with steel wire frames it was this project that ended up in a magazine.

The steel wire frame (all the designs are felted of course) is used in a pictures from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4,10 and 11.

Orimattila´s ice swimmers

Photos by Touko Hujanen

In Finland it´s very typical to swim all year round since this is the promised land for lakes and Saunas. Elina made a collection of funky hats and contacted Orimattila´s Ice Swimmers asking if they could use the hats during their once in a week – gatherings. These wonderfully normal & beautiful people said yes without any hesitation and so they swam in the icy lake and took “Löylys” (that is when you throw water into the hot Sauna stove and get hot steam) in a Sauna in between their swimming sessions! What a treat this was to us and so much fun!

Gnomes/ Elves

Photos by Tomi Kallio

This project dates back 17 years. Elina was asked to create gnome costumes ( machine washable easy to maintain) for a tourist attraction in Lapland. The pictures came up magical! Also the client was so pleased that they later on placed an order for interior designs.