Felt Workshops

Summer workshops 2020

Next summer Felt Faction will organize one felt workshops in Salusjärvi, Orimattila, Finland.

“Hats and bags” 21.-24.7.2020

  • Teacher Elina Saari, assistant Oona Jakku
  • Workshop languages Finnish and English
  • Price 350€ (includes accommodation at Salusjärvi) + material costs
  • Location: Salusjärvi, Orimattila Finland

On this workshop you’ll learn Elina´s style of felt making ( button base, nuno-felting, 3-dimensional parts etc) and how to choose the right material for your design.

On first day we’ll be making a bag ready for wet felting and already on next day we will finish it and continue with hats.

The goal on this workshop is to create one bag and two hats. Keep in mind that everyone works in their own rhythm , but since the workshop venue at Salusjärvi offers perfect felt making surroundings + like minded company, it is easy to lose oneself in the wonderful world of felt making! Naturally you´ll learn a bunch of new tricks and gain a fabulous felt design collection to bring back home with you!

This workshop is great for beginners!


This form is for signing up on Felt Factions summer 2020 felt workshops. Fill in your contact information and other information that is needed. You will receive more information and course letter of the workshops after the sign up is closed. Registration for the summer workshops is open until 20.4.2020.

If you are coming by train, the closest stop is at Henna. It is few kilometers from the workshop place. Please let us know in advance of your arrival in case you need a lift.

Pictures taken at Felt Factions summer workshops will be used in marketing next workshops and posted in website and social media. We will not intentionally post bad pictures of people.

If we haven’t received payment of the workshops in time, we will give the place for next participant.

If paid workshop is cancelled by 2.5.2020 we will return full payment, after this we will charge 100 eur. From cancellation after 16.5. we will not give any refunds.
In case Elina Saari/Felt Faction has to cancel workshops due to ilness or storm etc we will give you full refund.

If there is any questions about workshops, feel free to ask
aki.leppanen@feltfaction.fi / +358 40 7270466

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Summer 2020 workshop photo gallery

Workshop venue info

The course will take place at Salusjärvi campsite owned by the town of Orimattila. The campsite has a fully equipped kitchen with good possibilities for cooking, so please bring groceries along with you, because the shops are located 13 km away at the Orimattila center. There will be Finnish students arriving by car, so you can also do your grocery shoppig together with them.

Out of experience I can tell that what people really do need is lots and lots of juice, water etc. To drink. Wine might be a bliss for recovering after a day of heavy felt making. You will also appreciate having ice cream + fast and easy meals.

Important: The kitchen is used by everyone, so please take care to clean up after yourself so the others can find the kitchen clean and ready to use. That way we can all focus on what we came for: making the best felt designs possible!

The building is not a 5-star hotel, but has proved to be very functional. It has one big open hall, kitchen and two, large, dormitory-style bedrooms. There are also toilets and showers for ladies and gentlemen.

Down by the lake there are two big saunas. We will be working in the main hall and outside on the terrace. You can continue felting all night long if you wish. There is enough space for everyone, but in case you know that you are not comfortable sleeping in a dormitory accommodation, please bring a tent with you.

Summer felt workshops history

For over 10 years time Felt Faction has organized international summer felt workshops in Orimattila, Finland. Typically felt workshops take place at the end of July.

People call these workshops an once in a lifetime experience as they take place in an idyllic Finnish scenery; middle of a forest and by a beautiful lake. Saunas are heated every night and you are accompanied by a bunch of likeminded individuals all crazy for felt making.

Also Elina’s style of teaching is rather unique – she and her team throw themselves into feltmaking frenzy and nobody leaves the felt workshop without fabulous designs to show and the knowledge of Elina’s techniques.

If you are planning to organize a felt making workshop and wish to invite Elina to give master classes please feel free to enquire.