This material introduction video is in Finnish, but subtitles are available in English.

Jääkarhu is a fabulous thick needle felt that will surprise you with it´s versatility!

It´s been needle punched by layers and you can easily make wall pieces, sculptures, felt boots, vessels, bags using Jääkarhu as it is (whole thickness) or you can divide it for hats and accessories. Jääkarhu shrinks approx. 14% as whole but once divided the shrinkage grows since you break the solid punching. When divided in two layers you´ll get a harder side (this is where the needles enter) and a softer side, both equally matched when the weight is concerned but the softer side is yet again easily divisible in two layers and this makes Jääkarhu very special indeed!

Color selection variates from industrially dyed colors to mottled and off-white. Also Elina´s hand dyed unique pieces are very in demand.

Notice! Mottled colors will leave the surface a bit hairier.

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