Boot pal

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These sculptures were made for the exhibition “Tomorrow´s Felt”. The exhibition was organized by The Finnish Felt Making Association “Filtti” and The Craft Museum of Finland

This is how Elina describes her work process:

“The creative process for making these creatures begun with my dislike of wasting materials and my efforts to try my earnest to reuse every scrap and fibre and transform them into something that appeals to me. In fact, we are collectors in our family (somebody might even call us borderline hoarders), and the odd gizmos and antiques we collect fuel my imagination alongside with nature we are surrounded with. Over the years I´ve also collected handmade felt boots that were produced in the felt boot factories in Finland in the seventies. The boots I collected were sort of ” Monday-specials” and were therefore forgotten and rejected. Some of these felt factories are still fully functioning and they operate in the same area as Filtti´s exhibition is and that´s the reason I wanted to incorporate the boots to my exhibition pieces” Tossutoverit” (Boot pals). After all, I thought there is no better way to show my respect to the felt making heritage of Jyväskylä than bringing the boots back home.

I started creating the pieces by hand-dyeing the boots and some leftovers from felt slippers, after which I began building the creatures around the boots with paper pulp. In one of the pieces, I also used old and broken deer scull which was purchased from a museum´s garage clearance. What should be clear is that I had a lot of fun while making these pieces, I usually work with the unique felt materials that I have created to make felting easier for everyone, so I enjoyed the challenge of using more unconventional materials this time. Although I must say it might have been a less enjoyable process for my family and friends who had to have their saunas with the creatures since it took ages to get them dry and ready for sanding and finishing touches.

When felt is concerned, more than anything else, I want to stay openminded wether it´s workshops, custom designs, movies, trade shows, dance companies, exhibitions etc. projects. Felt has given me so much and it keeps on giving as long as I am ready to challenge it and enjoy the ride!”