Program for the felt workshops of summer 2020 will be announced in February

We have had urgent projects that have delayed the planning of summers workshops and taking photos of the sample pieces. Detailed information of the felt workshops will be announced during February on website and on Facebook.

The theme of the workshops is still a bit unclear since Elina and her assistant Oona can’t turn their attention away from Elina’s latest new material 100% merino knitwear and they keep on playing with it – chances are that this will be the topic for the summer workshops, but we’ll update the workshop info in February.

Workshops will be held in the same location as in previous years, in Salusjärvi, Orimattila (Finland). In any case clear your calendar for the end of July (21.7.-8.8.2020) since during this time you want to be in Orimattila Finland!

See you in the summer!

Felt Faction -team