Lumi, white

32,00  incl. VAT 24%


Lumi (“snow”)

Lumi is soft  snow white needle felt with longer fibers than Ohukainen. It has been needled by layers so it feels thicker and divides more easily than Ohukainen. Width of the needle felt is 2 meters. Lumi contains same amount of merino wool as Ohukainen.


  • Width 2.0 m
  • Wool  150g/m2
  • Cut by meters


You can divide Lumi and use it to create “patches” to cover for example seams of hats or felt boots. You can use Lumi as a “glue” if you need to fix your design in the middle of your wet felting. Most of the time you don’t even need to needle punch these patches since Lumi will felt in like a dream.

Lumi is ideal material for Nunos, hats (use it doubled as Ohukainen) and accessories.