Summer workshops 2019
Summer workshops 2019

" Flora & Fauna"

3 summer workshops by Felt Faction

25.7. - 3.8.2019

location: Orimattila, Finland

venue: Salusjärven leirikeskus

teachers: Elina Saari (Finland) and Begoña Ordás (Spain)

teaching languages: Finnish, English and Spanish

1. Workshop  25. - 27.7.2019

3 - dimensional wall pieces by Elina Saari

On this course we´ll create interesting 3 - dimensional surfaces with felt and build a triptych. Aim is to finish one piece per day and all the techniques used can later on be applied to the designs we´ll make on the following workshops.

Price: 330 € (includes teaching and accommodation)

2.  Workshop  28.7. - 31.7.2019

Eco printed skirt & top by Begoña Ordás

Begoña´s take on nuno- felting & eco printing. You´ll be creating a look that really compliments you and brings out your personality. Eco printing on top of your designs is a wonderful opportunity for everybody to enjoy the Finnish- Spanish  Flora fusion. 

Price: 370 € (includes teaching and accommodation)

3. Workshop 1.-3.8.2019

Nature inspired incredible hats by Elina Saari. 

Have fun with felt and create 3-dimensional hat designs by using Elina’s unique methods. Elina has a knack for making hat creating look easy but don’t be fooled — you will work hard. As a reward you’ll end up with amazing designs that look complicating yet they’re functional and extremely light.

Price: 330€ (includes teaching and accommodation)

General information:

This summer we truly are inspired by nature. All the summer workshops go under the theme of ”Flora & Fauna”. 

Felt Faction´s summer workshops are known as a very physical effort (lot of felt making) yet super much fun!  You are likely to get carried away due to inspiring teaching & atmosphere, wonderful variety of unique materials and of course the like-minded students.

Orimattila is located 100km north from Helsinki. The Orimattila train station (Henna) is actually quite close to our workshop venue. The venue has stayed the same over the years, though it´s not a 5-star hotel it´s beautiful and functional and the students with aching muscles really appreciate the possibility to have relaxing sauna and refreshing swim when ever they feel like it. The workshop venue has got two big dormitories for accommodation plus fully equipped kitchen to prepare their own meals and storage food. Orimattila city center is 15km away from the venue, but there has never been a problem to get a lift to get groceries. We also advocate wine felting eg having a glass or two of wine among friends after a hard days night. Teachers and all capable assistants will be on the spot from 9.00-17.00, but it really is up to you whether you continue working all night long or take it easy.

The second workshop (by Begoña Ordás) will in fact take 3 and a half days (because of the time needed for designs to soak in a kettle).  We´ll arrange special program for the remaining afternoon  - there will be ”Open doors” between 14.00 - 17.00, material and sample selling (Elina Saari & Begoña Ordás) + Oona Jakku´s felt making presentation ”How to make felt boots”.

How to sign up:

Use this link to sign up.

Remember to be specific about the workshops you take (whether you take only workshop 1 or 2 or maybe all of them).

If you take more than one workshop, you’ll get special discount.

Discount for taking two workshops is 50€.

Discount for taking all three workshops is 80€.

By 8.3.2019 we will know whether there´s enough participants to hold the courses (minimum 10 students per course) and we ask you to follow the Felt Faction website + Facebook for further information and updates. Course letter will be sent in April/May with more detailed information. If you need our assistance before that please don´t hesitate to ask! You can buy all the unique materials you need for the workshops on the spot.